Fall Is In The Air

Fall Is In The Air

Fall is in the air! And while we're not quite ready for snow just yet, we did have an early snowfall several years ago, near the end of October. The First Snow Clock, shown here, is a reproduction of a watercolor that Lee painted many years ago of a harvested corn field in eastern Pennsylvania. 

Most of our local corn fields here in southeastern Pennsylvania have been harvested. We're in that in-between season of either cutting grass or blowing leaves. Strong winds a week ago brought quite a few leaves to the ground, and warm days and cool nights have turned quite a few more leaves from green to yellow or flaming red. We appreciate the changing landscape the accompanies the coming season!

The First Snow image is currently available in three clock styles and two mug sizes. As we add more products, our images will be offered on a greater variety of products.

First Snow is currently available in these products. Click each image for more information on the product page:

  First Snow English Numeral Clock  First Snow Heirloom Designer Clock First Snow Roman Numeral Clock

English Numeral Clock    Heirloom Designer Clock   Roman Numeral Clock

All three clock styles offer natural wood, black or white frames and black or white clock hands.

             First Snow 11 oz. Mug        First Snow 15 oz Mug

               11 ounce Mug                          15 ounce Mug

We'll be adding a wide variety of new products in the near future, including stunning wrapped canvas wall art, journals, a Christmas Stocking and Tree Skirt, throw pillows and bedding and bath items. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and sign up for our newsletter below in the footer area to receive notice of new products, special sales and coupons.  We welcome your comments and look forward to having you in our Coast and Country family! Thanks for visiting with us!  

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