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Welcome to Coast and Country with home decor and gifts that will enhance your home and delight your friends and family with artisan-designed accessories that reflect your good taste.

Coast and Country offers unique home decor items with art and designs by Lee M. Buchanan. Lee is a multi-talented artisan who loves taking photographs, painting old buildings and landscapes in watercolor, designing and making hand-crafted jewelry and designing the graphics for our businesses. 

A few years ago Lee and wife Barbara started Coast and Country and used sublimation printing to put Lee's art onto mugs, clocks, ornaments, coasters, and tiles for various home decor items and sold at various fairs and wholesale trade shows. 

Lee shares his thoughts regarding his role in the Coast and Country art and design process:

"Coast and Country is where my traditional American art is offered as Home Decor and Gifts for you to enjoy. I hope you enjoy the art you see used on all these beautiful Home Decor and Gifts for your homes. 

I focus my art on our American Heritage through the medium of water colors. Each painting tells a story of how we live and work and play. The things we built and how they were used. I want to show the history of this Country in my painting. I don’t see American history being taught to our young anymore.

I focus my paintings on the American coasts and the beautiful beaches., harbors and docks the people of this great country work and play on every day. I paint the Lighthouses boats and ships of the past and present. I want people to see the look of daily life throughout our history.

I love to paint the hills and valleys and forest that make up a great deal of this country. I paint farms and historic buildings that made America what it is today. I love being in the country and discovering landscapes barns and streams along the way. Sometimes I sketch a scene on sight or I photograph the scene to be sketched in my studio at home.

On my journeys throughout the back roads and countrysides of this great country, I look for the people who are keeping old skills alive. I have always wanted to learn some of these skills myself.

The skills I put to work for our Coast & Country Gift Store are my watercolor painting skills and the Artisan skills of making Jewelry. I have also admired patch quilts and their beautiful designs, our historic American flags and various forms of folk art.

I think back on the Holidays of my youth and remember as a child the images of Christmas and the 4th of July. I remember my Dad planting his garden and seeing those old seed packs in his hands.

I am working on all these and so much more. I hope you will check in now and then to see what’s new from my studio."

This new website offers mugs and the always popular clocks featuring a mix of coast and country scenes. All Coast and Country products feature Lee's art and designs. All products are printed in the USA and are shipped directly to you by the printer/manufacturer.                                                              

Journals, Framed canvas Wall Art, Patch Quilt designs, Folk Art designs and Holiday items are among the new products we have for you.

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Thanks for visiting!

Lee and Barbara Buchanan